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Questions about updating your contact and credit card details.
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Questions about buying, renewing & configuring domain names.
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Questions about adding and editing content to Posts and Pages.
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Questions about search engine optimization (SEO) and site promotion. (2)
Questions about your blog or website at
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Questions about our Terms of Service, SPAM policy, Refund policy, etc.
What are the Price & Co. Terms of Service?
The gist: We (the folks at Price & Co.) run a blog and web site hosting service called...
What is the Price & Co. SPAM Policy?
We hate SPAM. You'll NEVER get a single piece of SPAM from us. We know that sharing your personal...
What is the Price & Co. Refund Policy?
Our official refund policy for all Price & Co. products is as follows: Price & Co. will,...
How do I sign up for an account?
To start using BestAgentBlogs, you'll need to create a new account. All new BestAgentBlogs...

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